Application of black silicon carbide powder in power electronics

With the development of electricity now, our life has been inseparable from the use of electricity, the development of the power electronics industry is becoming more and more rapid, but its development is also inseparable from the promotion of black silicon carbide powder, it as an important material for the production and manufacturing of the power electronics industry, its technological innovation and use is inevitable.
According to authoritative reports, it is expected that by 2020, power electronic components using compound materials such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride will account for 22% of the market, with sales reaching $3.3 billion. As silicon-based power electronics approach their theoretical limits, other semiconductor products, especially silicon carbide and gallium nitride, will enter the power electronics market aggressively, competing with traditional silicon devices for a pie. Silicon carbide will gain 14 percent of the market share and gallium nitride will win 8 percent of the market.
To talk about the development of black silicon carbide powder in the power electronics industry, we can talk about the example of silicon carbide power device solid-state transformer, with the development of distributed generation systems, smart grid technology and renewable energy, solid-state transformer as a key technology has received widespread attention.
Solid-state transformer is a kind of power electronic technology as the core of the substation device, which realizes voltage conversion and energy transfer and control in the power system through power electronic converters and high-frequency transformers, so as to replace the traditional power frequency transformers in the power system. Compared with traditional transformers, it has the advantages of small size and light weight, and has many advantages that traditional transformers do not have, including high power supply quality, high power factor, automatic current limiting, reactive power compensation ability, frequency conversion, output phase number conversion and convenient automatic monitoring. The input side voltage level of solid-state transformers is very high, generally thousands to tens of thousands of volts, and the current topology or device series connection method is mostly used, and the structure is more complex.
The use of black silicon carbide powder in power electronics is mainly the manufacture of devices, its use can make the performance of the device more stable, simplify the structure, improve its reliability, can be said to be a good material, because it is used in the inside we can not see, but we can feel its performance during use.

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