Application of Green Silicon Carbide Powder in Special Ceramics

    Green silicon carbide micropowder refers to ultrafine crushed and classified powder. Since it is mainly used in the abrasive industry, there are special requirements for the classification of micropowder, and no large particles can appear in the micropowder. So the use of green silicon carbide micropowder in ceramics? Henan Sicheng green silicon carbide manufacturer will introduce the use of green silicon carbide micropowder in ceramics.

    Plates and struts vary in thickness and size, depending on the size of the car and the type of combustion product. The bearing capacity of the kiln car can be improved by reasonably changing the size of the scaffolding components. Silicon carbide plates with a thickness of 25 to 30 mm for firing hollow porcelain products. When baking small abrasive products on scaffolding, the size of the silicon carbide plate used is 450*240mm, and the thickness is 22mm; when baking heavy abrasive products, the thickness of the plate is 40mm.

    Because green silicon carbide powder is much more expensive than clay bricks, its use effect can be economically reasonable only if its lifespan is longer than that of clay bricks. The service life largely depends on the green silicon carbide micropowder, the rationality of the production process, whether the frame and size of the scaffold components are appropriate, and whether their performance is compatible with the conditions and temperature when the product is baked on the scaffold.

    For example, when baking sanitary ceramics, high voltage electric porcelain and abrasive products, the scaffolding on the kiln car is under heavy load. Therefore, the strength products of silicon carbide are of great significance. In view of the low thermal stress when baking products, dense silicon carbide refractories with high oxidation resistance can be used. When firing fine and fine daily-use porcelain, low-voltage electric porcelain and high-frequency ceramics, high thermal stability of green silicon carbide micropowder is first required.

    The above is the use of green silicon carbide micropowder in ceramics, which can be used as a reference. Its application is more and more extensive, and you can learn more about its performance when purchasing, so that it can play a greater role.

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