Eight uses of brown corundum

Uses of brown fused alumina:
    1. It is a supporting industry for the sand and water cutting industry in the denim blasting workshop of the water factory.
    2. Silicon wafers, optical lenses, precision instruments, polished glass shells, glassware, ceramics, stone, leather, plastic, metal and other parts can improve the finish.
    3. Brown corundum can also be used as refractory material for industrial kilns. High temperature resistant base coat.
    4. It has a good effect in protecting electroplating and nuclear pollution, and is also a very good wear-resistant material in industrial floors, anti-skid paint, etc.
    5. It can be used in chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, water treatment filter medium and drilling mud heavy agent, mold cleaning.
    6. It can be used for glass sandblasting cutting and sandblasting. It is a necessary raw material for manufacturing grinding wheels, grinding tools, polishing wax, oilstone, emery cloth, and sandpaper.
    7. Precision casting, rust removal, paint removal and other cleaning functions, shell grinding production.
    8. It can be used as highway pavement and parking lot floor. Brown fused alumina can also be used for anti-rust and wear-resistant airstrips and wear-resistant rubber.

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