In which cases it is necessary to replace green silicon carbide

Green silicon carbide It is a material with strong wear resistance, which is mainly used in some electronic insulation materials. When we have used it for a while, we should replace it. So when do you need to replace it?

First, wear problems
Any green silicon carbide has its certain wear requirements, and the wear must be replaced with a new one to a certain extent. It cannot be used in order to save materials, and it is required to exceed wear. When worn to a diameter 10mm larger than the diameter of the chuck, it should be replaced.
2. The issue of validity period
The new products taken out of the warehouse are not necessarily qualified, and even the products purchased from the manufacturer are not necessarily qualified products. Any green silicon carbide has its certain expiration date, and when used within the validity period, it is a qualified product; If used beyond the validity period, it is not necessarily qualified.
Third, the texture problem
During use, if cracks are found in the area, they should be stopped immediately and replaced with new ones to avoid crushing and injury accidents.
Fourth, environmental issues
For environmental problems, a special machine room should generally be set up, and it is strictly forbidden to stack flammable and explosive items in or near the machine room to avoid fire or explosion accidents, and other parts or items should not be placed nearby.
5. Closing the car
After the operator stops working, the car should be turned off immediately. It is forbidden for the green silicon carbide machine to idle without being used and managed. In addition, the medium and short wave turbine should be kept clean after use.
Green silicon carbide brings convenience to our lives, and we also do some operations according to some of its properties. When encountering the above situation, we should replace it in time. So as not to affect normal use.

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