Price trend of white corundum alumina powder

Name White corundum
Al2O3 99.3%min
Fe2O3 0.05%.max
Na2O 0.3%.max
specific gravity 3.96g/cm3
Mohs hardness 9.0





1. Refractory materials, charge, castable, ramming, refractory bricks, precision casting, etc

2. Sandblasting sandblasting machineSandblasting, surface treatment, rust removal, etc

3. Cosmetics industry, manufacturing of beauty crafts, dermabrasion, etc

4. Ceramic products, grinding and polishing, etc

5. Grinding wheel gauze sandpaper

6. Ceramic glaze, floor coating additives, etc

7. Production of grinding stone, grinding stone, oil stone and other products

8. Polishing wax, polishing liquid, adhesive, etc

9. Buttons, mobile phone cases, silver rods and other polishing slurry, abrasives and other grinding media

10. Wear-resistant floor, wear-resistant adhesive, wear-resistant layer such as FRP wear-resistant liner, etc

11. Ceramic filter plate production

12. Ceramic separation membrane / ceramic membrane / ceramic flat membrane / flat ceramic membrane / tubular ceramic membrane

13. Diamond grinding wheel, etc., diamond tool dry/water grinding disc production

14. Precision casting instead of zirconium powder

15. Production of sponge polishing wheel, fiber polishing wheel, etc

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