The difference between black corundum and brown corundum

Black corundum and Brown corundumIn general, the raw materials are the same, but there are still great differences in actual use, and the difference between black corundum and brown corundum can be manifested in the following aspects:
1. The color is different
The color of brown corundum is mostly tan, sometimes black and sometimes reddish; Black corundum is black in color with a metallic tinge.
2. The hardness of the product is different
Since the content of alumina in brown corundum is higher than that of black corundum, the hardness of brown corundum is also greater than that of black corundum.
3. The alumina content is different

Brown corundum has an alumina content between 75-95, while black corundum has an alumina content between 45-75. The alumina content is much lower than that of brown corundum.

4. The object of use is different

Brown corundum is a commonly used abrasive and can be used on most objects. Black corundum only needs to be aimed at some special user objects.
5. The smelting method is different
In fact, the smelting method of black corundum and brown corundum is similar, except that black corundum consumes less electricity than brown corundum when smelting, about two-thirds of brown corundum.
6. Different characteristics
Brown corundum has moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpening, low sand consumption, recyclable, and good finish of abrasive parts. And the chemical composition is stable, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant. The abrasive has a shell-like fracture with sharp edges, and new edges and corners can be formed during continuous grinding and grading, and the grinding ability is not weak.
Black corundum has good self-sharpening, less heat generation during grinding, good finish of processed parts, and good hydrophilicity.
7. Different uses
Brown corundum can be used for the production and processing of refractory materials, polishing and grinding of fine instruments, auxiliary raw materials for wear-resistant materials;
Black corundum can be used for polishing aluminum products and stainless steel, making sandpaper, emery cloth and resin abrasives.

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