Toughness, what is the significance of brown corundum abrasives

When we talk about brown Brown corundum abrasives When it comes to performance, we often mention hardness, content, etc., including different grades of brown molten alumina hardness mentioned in the previous article, but rarely mention its other property. -Toughness. But in fact, the toughness of brown molten alumina is also a very important attribute. Then let’s discuss the significance of this elasticity for brown molten alumina.

First of all, in order to understand the concept of toughness, the toughness of abrasives refers to the ability of abrasive particles to resist fracture under the action of grinding force, and is an attribute of the ability of abrasives to resist impact and absorb energy.

If the brown corundum abrasive has a certain toughness, it will guarantee its own service life. At the same time, toughness has a great influence on the self-sharpening of brown corundum. The tougher it is, the less likely brown molten alumina is to break, but it is easily passivated and grinded. Power reduction, these two functions are mutually exclusive.

Of course, there is also a measure of the toughness of brown corundum abrasives, which cannot be extended indefinitely due to the contradiction between the toughness and self-sharpening of brown molten alumina. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the toughness and sharpness according to your own needs


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