White corundum sand particle size table

F standard white corundum grain size sand
Model Median ( um)
F4 4890
F5 4125
F6 3460
F7 2900
F8 2460
F10 2085
F12 1765
F14 1470
F16 1230
F20 1040
F22 885
F24 745
F30 625
F36 525
F40 438
F46 370
F54 310
F60 260
F70 218
F80 185
F90 154
F100 129
F120 109
F150 82
F180 69
F220 58

White corundum is made of high-quality aluminum oxide powder as raw material, which is crystallized by electromelting. High purity, good self-sharpening, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, stable thermal performance, its hardness is slightly higher than brown corundum, slightly lower toughness, high purity, good self-sharpening, strong grinding ability, small calorific value, high efficiency, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature thermal stability. It is used to make abrasives, suitable for grinding fine-grained abrasives such as high carbon steel, high speed steel and stainless steel, and can also be used for precision casting and advanced refractory materials.

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